About Reformed Plastics

At Reformed Plastics we stock, manufacture & sell direct to you finished products all made from 100% Recycled Plastic.
Our products are perfect for Schools, Businesses, Restaurants and the Home, just to name a few.
You can feel good about yourself knowing you’re doing your bit to help & protect the environment as our products are made from plastic otherwise unfortunately destined for landfill or the ocean.

Due to ever increasing importance to recycle, our aims are to help rebuild the environment by utilizing a commodity, which people would otherwise just throw away, and so turn what to some would be rubbish, into a valuable product for everybody.

Our products are Maintenance Free and hold many practical & very useful properties. It can be cleaned with anything from only a damp cloth to a pressure washer if you wish, without causing any harm.

They’re safe too as they will Not splinter or tire, so they’ll stay looking great for good, Guaranteed!

It can be used for so many different applications, such as Decking, Fencing, Outdoor furniture, Playground equipment, Planters, Landscaping, Bollards, Signage & Construction etc. The physical advantages it has over traditional materials are staggering therefore making it a much more cost-effective alternative in the long term!

Meet the Team



Founder & Director


Resource & Sales Director


Senior Product Fabricator & Workshop/Project Manager


Product Fabricator


Product Fabricator

The ethos and motivations of our company are: “Remoulding the Past, Reshaping the Future, Rebuilding the Environment!
Basically, the facts being, if we can help towards the prevention of unnecessary tree logging, save energy and minimise the amount of plastic waste going into landfill or our oceans, we then begin to find ourselves a Green ‘Win Win’ solution!

  1. To develop our people and products to maintain our continued growth within all industrial sectors of the UK.
  2. To expand our capabilities and continue to provide the standard of excellence we have set in our industry.
  1. To offer an unrivalled range of quality products through market-leading manufacturers.
  2. To deliver added value.
  3. To focus on being a trusted partner offering the best in customer service and efficiency via our knowledge and expertise.
  4. To be a business that invests in people and products to offer the industrial market trusted solutions for all its plastic requirements.

The values that make us different and special revolve around relationships, sustainability, quality and service. Our company doesn’t just sell products. We help customers buy the right products and then deliver them at the right time…at the right price. We can create a wide range of solutions from our extensive range of products.