What Recycled Plastic Products are Available?

With developments in our modern technology, the range of products available made using recycled plastic is expanding rapidly. While this list is not exhaustive, it shows the wide variety of products particularly suited to landscaping applications…

Outdoor Applications including:

Chairs     |    Benches     |    Picnic Tables     |    Dining Sets

Anti-slip Decking and Walkways

Fencing and Gates     |    Bollards & Marker Posts     |   Signage

Planters     |    Litter Bins

Mud Kitchen’s     |    Children’s Play Equipment

Structures     |    Outdoor Classrooms

Fishing Platforms     |    Jetties and Pontoons

Drive & Pathway Stabilisation Grids

Reformed Plastics Policy

The ethos and motivations of our company are:

Remoulding the Past, Reshaping the Future, Rebuilding the Environment!

Basically, the facts being, if we can help towards the prevention of unnecessary tree logging, save energy and minimise the amount of plastic waste going into landfill & our oceans, we then begin to find ourselves a green “Win-Win” solution!